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Develop valuable, local connections outside of your traditional network.

Alberta held events designed for industry leaders. Our members hold senior level management positions and above. Our meetings are geared for the high growth tech, IT and software that powers Alberta's economy. Whether it's oil & gas, power generation, agriculture, forestry or financial services, we're helping our members make productive connections that lead to sales, partnerships and real value for their organizations.

Next Alberta Monthly Economic Report: May 13th, 4PM

Join our monthly web-based meeting on Alberta’s economy. This one hour session will cover: industry specific performance, major projects, job numbers, policy decisions and more. Our economists are here to answer questions as we dive deep into the numbers to give you the facts and the resources you need. Have a question about your industry? Post it on our platform and get the answers you need from economists and industry experts.

Networking For Leaders in Alberta

Alberta Tech Forum was created to give leaders from well established organizations a flexible and consistent method of networking that produces results.

Market Your Company

Meet with industry leaders, founders and directors to chat about the problems Alberta based organizations are facing and how your products and services can solve them. Leverage our network to make sales and find new markets.

Solve Problems

Networking is more than trading business cards and fancy cocktails. It’s knowing the right people who can provide you with solutions, advice and knowledge that few in Alberta or the world have access to. We have experts and industry leaders in every sector offering lectures on specialized topics and sharing their knowledge within our platform. It’s free to ask our experts questions, but the information or advice you gain could be invaluable.

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Reach out to us to learn about our next online event date. All events are invite-only and require referrals along with previous industry experience.

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